What Future Holds for Software Developers

How Fast is Technological Growth?

Devs vs. AI

  • Providing base material — right now AI can generate code but it needs to learn how to do it first. To start this process, someone has to give it a resource it can analyze. This way developers can program AI in a way that it’s able to build certain products.
  • Abstract thinking — as for now, AI doesn’t understand concepts like business values, demand for certain functions or marketing goals. Machines need to learn to think like a programmer. Until it happens, people will have to tell them what to do. This way dev houses will be able to deliver custom products compatible with their clients’ needs.

The Era of DIY

  • The website you create is not completely yours — it is owned by another party: the company that is the owner of the service. That means it can delete it without any reason, restrict advertising policy and much more.
  • It has limited functions — website generators advertise their fully customizable templates but there is no way you can edit everything without any tech knowledge. Those drag-and-drop elements are built with code as well, which means they have a certain purpose and if you need something more, you need to change their source material.
  • They still require some tech-savviness — to use page generators you need to learn the system first. In the beginning, you will probably spend hours trying to build websites that look the way you want them to. This time could be allocated towards other business-related activities.



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