Voicebots, voice AI, and chatbots in psychotherapy — how they help?

Mental health in our every-day reality

Stress-inducing effects of pandemic

Voice AI — talks and helps

Advantages of using voicebots and chatbots in psychotherapy

1. The use of known and proven psychological practices

2. Encouragement to seek the help of a specialist

3. Better and more accurate diagnostics

4. Solving the problem of medical staff shortage

Voicebot in the psychotherapist’s office

  • Answer a phone call, provide basic information, and appoint a visit
  • Contact a chosen group of patients if there’s a need of cancelling a visit and arrange another date
  • Call patients to confirm their visits
  • Inform about promotions, dedicated events, and group classes
  • Act as a knowledge base, providing patients with in-depth information on a chosen topic

Psychotherapy of the future — summing up



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