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There is no doubt about it — we live in the times of self-awareness and everything healthcare. Nowadays taking care of oneself is considered as being a responsible and rational human being, and regular medical check-up simply isn’t enough. We exercise daily, hit the gym regularly, eat wholesome foods, take vitamins, pump up the nutritions, get enough sleep, do yoga, zumba, pilates, meditation and self-development. And then, when we satisfy our physical and mental needs, we also have to make up our vanity resources and take some photos of our healthy routine, because these days if you don’t do something publicly, you don’t do it at all.

Although I may be a little cynical here, as a person that is known to stay in shape (sphere is a shape), I will introduce you to some really unconventional healthcare applications, most of them less known or underrated. My selection contains six apps, mainly being really amusing and entertaining, and some with really decent ideas behind them.

Running shoes ready? Fancy fitness clothes put on? And mostly important, your smartphone prepared? Here we go, no holding back now!

The Running Dead

Zombies, Run!

We begin with a real treasure. With the people obsessed with the vision of zombie apocalypse, virtual reality entertainment and jogging, it’s enough to merge all of these together and have the perfect app. Well, obviously I’m hyperbolising, as it for sure wasn’t that easy to invent, yet I have to admit, the idea and timing were simply brilliant.

What’s the fuss all about? Zombies, run! basically turns your jogging routine into an exciting game, where your neighborhood becomes a post-apocalyptic area, your headphones deliver spoken instructions, as well as realistic sound effects, and you are hero chosen to complete numerous missions. You can’t give up because there are hordes of zombies chasing you all the time. Remember every time you promised yourself to keep running for fifteen minutes straight and stopped after just six of them? Well, if you don’t want yourself becoming a zombie’s lunch, then better keep moving. Even if those zombies exist only virtually.

The application offers customization in terms of supposed speed, environmental conditions (outside, indoors or gyms) and missions’ scenarios. What’s more, every time you accomplish another mission, you collect supplies required to build up your safe base. So it is not only singular plays, but a whole set of long-term goals and deeply-thought plots. Available for both Android and iOS, Zombies, run! allows you to exercise, have fun and feel a little thrill at the same time.

Mr. Right Meal


Do you know that feeling when you are in the grocery store, already exhausted after a long day, standing in front of shelves full of products, having no idea what to buy? Most of the time you end up buying some instant ramens and chocolate bars, because you are hungry and want to eat something immediately. At the evening you catch yourself sitting on the couch, eating cheeto puffs, questioning your life choices. You promise yourself to get something fresh and healthy tomorrow. And the story goes on and on.

ShopWell offers you a solution. It’s a mobile application that lets you scan food products and learn about their health ratings. But that is just the beginning — you can personalize your account, providing information about your food allergies, state of vitals or weight, and the app will be able to tell you which products would be best for you. ShopWell scores your food choices and suggests another ones that will help you achieve your food goals. You can even connect your favourite grocery store loyalty card to your app in order to get even more information about the products. Overall, ShopWell follows the idea of information being the very base of every change.

An Apple a day can keep a doctor away


The next application, unfortunately available only for Apple’s devices users, underlines the fact that there is no “one-size fits all” diets. With Rise you can feel like a celebrity, having your personal nutritionist always in touch with you.

How does it work? You buy a subscription and ever since you are connected with your nutritionist, who gives you personalized advices and rates your meals based on its photos. Just think about it — finally someone who really cares about your food photos!

Back to being serious. Rise is a highly recommended health application, as it promotes diets as something that should be tailored to you and be all about your health and not just thoughtless weight loss. With real-time support, cooperation with real nutritionists and overall food positivity, you are sentenced to success. The only downhill is that the app isn’t free, yet as it states, you get their daily health attention for less than a Starbucks run.

You will get fit, wanna bet?

Diet bet

If you want to lose some weight and have an element of excitement in your life at the same time, you should check out DietBet application. The app is a lovechild of a weight loss strategy and a gambling game. Basically you join any of the previously created games (or you can start your own), where you bet money that you will achieve your weight loss goal in a specified period of time. Those who reach their ambitions split the pot.

Diet bet is based on an assumption that countable, material value such as money speaks louder than hypothetical concept of health and beauty. Of course, you wanna get both, but the first one will keep you motivated more.

It’s the smallest things that matter


Lifesum is all about balance. It’s an application where you track all of your habits, those of which you are proud of and those of which not too much, in order to see clearly if your way of life is balanced. Moreover, Lifesum tracks your eating customs or exercise routine and suggests the best solutions possible.

You can customize your settings depending on what your goal is. So it doesn’t matter if you want your workouts to be longer or if you just wish to eat more veggies. Lifesum doesn’t force you to become a health freak out of nowhere, it encourages you to improve your health habits just a little and then maybe, just maybe — you will be hungry for more.

The app gained the title of “The best of Google Play 2017” on Android Excellence Awardee 2017.

Oh damn, it’s all for the health!

H*nest meditation

Cursing helps soothe the pain. Well, thank you captain obvious, anybody who hit the cupboard with his little toe at least once in the lifetime, knows that the pain would be impossible to bear if it wasn’t for the swearing. But wait, what I meant was that it is scientifically proven! According to studies, it may be caused by the fact that cursing activates the hormones responsible for anger, and they increase the level of adrenaline (among others). And adrenaline makes the pain less noticeable.

Of course, adrenaline is a double-edged sword, so we shouldn’t overuse its effects, but little shots of it may be a blessing and calm your state of mind in a long term.

After that whole smarty, quasi-scientific introduction, let me present you the H*nest Meditation, an application that might be just a joke, but actually really works. Basically, it’s an app that contains mindful videos with guided meditation. But between the sentences of letting your bad feelings go and acknowledging your mind’s purity, you will find words far from being pure. Let me just say that before downloading H*nest Meditation I wasn’t even aware of the number of fancy terms describing, well, a digestion result.

I said that H*nest Meditation works pretty god damn well, and I meant that. But I highly doubt the connection between this app and the scientific studies of pain and cursing. It’s more likely that you just simply can’t stay in stress and suffering when you hear that amusing mixture of predictable meditation talks and juicy swearing.

Entertainment in the service of health?

It’s a very specific characteristic of our times that we like to turn more unpleasant elements of our lives into games. Many of the aforementioned applications follow that concept, in more or less straight formula. The process of gamification starts to influence even those who didn’t play a video game once in their lifetime. If you can have fun doing something pretty basic or even something you aren’t really fond of, why wouldn’t you?

We want to be healthy, fit and well-kept as nowadays it is seen as a sign of a success. Technology helps, as it always does, making healthcare more assimilable and pleasant, simultaneously promoting the values of self-awareness. And thanks to the wide range of those healthy applications you can exercise very professionally or just improve your overall state a little. Without obsession, public announcements and lots of selfies. Even if you don’t own Nike leggings and your teeth hurts when you think about crossfit, you can always pretend that you are just running away from zombies… and be in a fine fettle while enjoying your life in a way you like it best.



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iteo is an international digital product studio founded in Poland, that helps businesses benefit from technology better. Visit us on www.iteo.com