The role of analyst in a software development project

Who’s a business analyst?

  • They strive to understanding a company’s problems and goals
  • They analyze needs and possible solutions
  • They develop a strategy
  • They drive changes
  • They facilitate stakeholders’ cooperation

Who does an analyst work with?

The role of analyst at various project stages

Project’s initiation

Obtaining business requirements

Creating a technical specification


What are the benefits of engaging an analyst in a project?

  1. The first and most essential advantage is basing the functionality scope and its description on a client’s actual requirements. Thanks to this approach, there’s an obvious business need behind every feature.
  2. Knowing a client’s needs, i.e. goals they want to achieve, groups of users they want to reach and areas of integration, provides an analyst with an in-depth picture of the environment for creating the product. It reduces the possibility of oversight or missing some essential aspects influencing the project.
  3. Knowing the scope and having a big picture of the project from the beginning allows an analyst to control the dependencies between its particular elements and pay attention to safety while implementing changes. It’s because they’re able to identify how a specific alteration influences other elements in the project.
  4. An analyst is also a person who possesses full knowledge of the projects, both from the business and technical perspective. Thus, while talking with the developers team, they’re able to explain the validity of creating each feature based on business needs. And the other way round — they can inform a client about possibilities and technical limitations connected with creating individual elements of the system.

What are the consequences of lacking a business analyst in a project?

Incomplete solution

Lack of understanding

Leaving out users group

Creating unnecessary features

Waste of resources and lack of values



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