The ever-expanding cloud — How to transform to cloud native?

What does cloud native mean and why does it matter?

  • Platform automation — Platform as a Service (PaaS) helps businesses manage their server operations, with additional software and middleware (like a software glue). It is very useful for those who wish to hand over server operations to a third party. It removes the difficulty of building and maintaining servers, and comes with a computing platform and other applications as needed.
  • Serverless functions — Bit of a misnomer here, as there has to be a server somewhere, but serverless means that a company that uses a cloud provider’s server only pays for the time it is used, instead of 100% if the company uses its own server. The serverless system is excellent for developers who don’t need to worry about the background infrastructure, and it is auto-scaling, growing to demand.
  • Microservices — With a monolithic architecture, all processes run on the same level, so that if one process gets a spike in requests, the others must be scaled up as well. Microservices split each process to be managed separately. It makes app development processes run in parallel, so each team can concentrate on their own small part of the application, and facilitates continuous integration, delivery and deployment.
  • DevOps — Combining the two resources of software development and IT operations, it aims to reduce the life cycle of system development and make it easier to provide high quality continuous delivery. It may require a culture change as it is a mindset as well as operational, with shared ownership, workflow automation, and rapid feedback. DevOps makes the most of the resources available.

What are the benefits of becoming cloud native?

Gear up! Prepare for transformation



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