How to start your journey? Microsoft Azure for startups

Azure for Startups

Open Source

Global scale

Accelerating innovation

Help from Azure

  • Free account: get $200 in Azure credits and 12 months of popular services.
  • Visual Studio: get up to $1,800 per year of Azure services.
  • Microsoft for Startups: get personalized help and up to $1,800 per year of Azure services.

Free subscriptions

  • Free subscription: when you choose this subscription, you get a $200 monetary credit to spend on any Azure service for the first 30 days, and the most popular Azure products are free for 12 months.
  • Student subscription: you get a $100 monetary credit to spend in the first 12 months and free developer tools. You also don’t have to provide your credit card info while signing up, you just need to prove your identity by using your student email account.

What you get for free, always

Azure App Service (10 web, mobile or API apps with 10GB storage)

Azure DevOps (max. 5 users with unlimited Git repositories)

Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Functions (1 million requests)

Azure Cosmos DB (25 GB storage with 1000 requests per second)

What you get for free for 12 months

Azure SQL database (250GB instance with 10 database transaction units)

Azure Virtual Machines

Disk, blob and file storage (5GB of locally redundant storage)

Microsoft for Startups

  • Visual Studio Code and GitHub for developer collaboration,
  • Experienced mentors who are experts in the industry and technology of your choice who help validate your idea,
  • Microsoft 365 tools including Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, Word,
  • Up to $150,000 in credits on Microsoft Azure that grow as your needs increase.
  • Must be a software-based product whose development you are engaged in. This software has to be owned, not licensed,
  • Hasn’t received more than $10,000 in free Azure,
  • Is privately held,
  • Resides in the countries covered by Azure global infrastructure,
  • Is a for-profit business etc.

Customer success: InfoTiles

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