How to integrate JumpCloud with Azure AD?

What is Single Sign-On?

Preparing JumpCloud as an authentication point

Launching the service

  • After logging into the JumpCloud administration console, go to: User Authentication> SSO, click the “+” sign and select the appropriate application for which you want to add SSO.
  • At this point, which may be a bit confusing, choose Microsoft 365 (there is no direct indication of Azure AD).
  • In the SSO tab, fill in the name of your domain in the appropriate places (IdP Entity ID and Login URL) and then indicate the groups to be synchronized.
  • After activating SSO, enter your application into the edit mode and download the certificate generated by JumpCloud.
  • Staying in the console, go to Directory Integrations> Cloud Directory Integrations, click “+” and after selecting M365 / Azure AD, configure the attributes and users for synchronization.
  • At this point, we only need to federate between AAD and JumpCloud. For this purpose, we use the following PowerShell script:
  • As a “certificate” paste the contents of the certificate, first removing all white characters.
  • After executing the script, we can check if the federation is set using the command: Get-MsolDomain

Finishing up



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