How to become a software tester?

Software testing — what’s it all about?

  1. ‘Is the product correctly developed?’ — does it meet all the standards and comply with the specifications?
  2. ‘Is the developed product correct?’ — does it meet all of the client’s requirements and expectations?

Software tester vs. QA specialist — are they the same?

What should you do to become a software tester?

How to work on your competences?

  1. Title — short and concise including information on what works incorrectly and where.
  2. Priority — establishes how quick should an error be solved and indicates its seriousness: blocking, critical, important, insignificant from the business point of view and not affecting the rest of the system.
  3. Severity — an importance of error indicates how serious the defect is and how it influences the usage of an application or a particular function.
  4. Description — helps get quick information about a certain problem and direct a developer towards its cause.
  5. Environment/Version/Device — the fields that give information about an environment in which an error occurred (e.g. testing, production or other), type of a system (Windows or macOS), browser and its version, as well as a device.
  6. Preconditions– they determine what requirements should be met in order to proceed with the reproduction.
  7. Steps to reproduce — they inform about what needs to be done to provoke a certain error, the steps to reproduce a problem.
  8. Actual result — determines an application’s current behaviour including a short description of occurred error, print screens or videos.
  9. Expected result — includes a description of how the app should work after fulfilling all of the above steps based on a documentation or a prepared set of requirements.
  10. Attachments — comprise of print screens, videos, logs from a developer’s console, and everything that might help in determining what caused an error and where it occurred.

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