• Nuno F Silva

    Nuno F Silva


  • Mayuresh Joshi

    Mayuresh Joshi

  • Maria Amelie

    Maria Amelie

    Published author, 5 books on migration, freedom of speech, tech and startups. Cofounder startupmigrants.com Best Startup Journalist Norway 2015

  • Minh Tran

    Minh Tran

  • Kitty Wong

    Kitty Wong

    Social Media and Content Manager at Marvel. Writes about sewing, design and travel. Photographs everything. Say hi on Twitter/IG @thisismaow

  • Timur Bakibayev

    Timur Bakibayev

    Professor, Ph.D. in CS, Almaty Management University

  • Samad Talukder

    Samad Talukder

    Android Developer | Kotlin Lover | Flutter Explorer | https://about.me/samadtalukdar

  • Jose Manuel

    Jose Manuel

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