Developing tester’s competences — seeking knowledge and reaching the goal

developing tester’s competences

Everyone who decides on working in IT knows that it requires accepting one crucial rule — constant development. WIth time, technologies change, we’re provided with new tools, have to cope with incoming theories and fresh trends. Gaining new skills and permanent knowledge expansion is quite indispensable. If we cut down on updating what we know, it can appear that we won’t be attractive enough for our present employer.

So, where will you find the knowledge you need?

ISTQB® syllabuses for testers

Social media can be relevant, too

Testing books for geeks (but not only)

Training offer for testers

There’s also an alternative for in-house training — a cycle of online training which can be provided at any place and time. One of these is Smart testing.

There are also blogs

Testing conferences

Which conferences are worth mentioning?

  1. TestWarez (the oldest Polish conference organized by SJSI),
  2. ConSelenium (automation based conference),
  3. TestCamp (for beginners and advanced testers)
  4. And many more.

Apart from that, it’s also great to take part in local meetups with very interesting lectures.

Developing your tester’s competences — summing up

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