Brain hacking — attacker methods to get what they want

“I am a pilot, doctor and an attorney”

Social engineering

Under the influence

  1. Reciprocity — It is based on the way humans want to reciprocate to those who do kind things that we enjoy. Simply put, it is a social norm to respond to a positive action with another positive action.
  2. Authority — When someone with the right kind of authority makes certain statements, other people take them very seriously. People will obey them even if they are asked to do objective acts.
  3. Intimidation — Attackers will inform or imply people that if certain tasks are not performed, there will be negative consequences.
  4. Social proof — People will do things that other people are doing.
  5. Scarcity / Urgency — Perceived scarcity or urgency will generate demand. Things like “Limited time offer!”, “Available to the first ten people!”, “Only three knives left!”.
  6. Liking — People like people who are like them. People like people who like them. Although at first glance the two sentences are similar, they are different. The first sentence simply means that if we’re similar, in the same tribe — comfortable and similar, we will be liked, accepted and trusted. The second one — if you like someone or make someone feel like they are liked or trusted, that person can’t help but trust you.
  7. Trust — Attackers will try to convince that their request comes from a trusted source — a company, department or a person.
  8. Concession — Admit or agree that something is true after first denying or resisting it. If the person feels ownership of an idea, then that person most likely thinks it is a great idea.

How can I get you?





Ransomware is another way of doing penetration testing, in which the scope and payment is negotiated after the attack




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