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software testing techniques examples

Testing techniques allow processing requirements (testing conditions) into test cases. They help define the “flows” and test data, and can be divided into black box, white box and experience-based techniques. In this part of the article we’ll introduce them all, and then focus solely on the black box testing, providing valid, practical examples.White box and experience-based techniques will be discussed in the second part of the series.

Black box testing

Black box techniques are based on specification. They focus on the test subject’s input and output data without referring to a module’s or a system’s inner structure. And that’s where the name “black…

Having an innovative idea is not enough to build a successful product. It seems nowadays everybody already knows that. But do they really? According to the latest CB Insights research from August 2021, 35% of startups fail because they didn’t meet the market needs.

Common mistake

Bringing a new product to market requires a lot of work, time, and money, so you need to make sure it’s an idea worth investing in. In the early stages, the most important thing to do is to check whether people actually need your product and are willing to pay for it.

Why? Assuming that you…

In the last few years Para sports have made a great use of various assistive technologies, constructing customized equipment for individual athletes and disciplines. And they didn’t leave anyone behind. Finally, all disabled professional sportspeople could be supported by a variety of innovative solutions, making their performance both more enjoyable and effective. This barrier-breaking opportunity let some of the best athletes in the world take part in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. And what’s the most advanced tech behind their astonishing success?

United by Emotion

Differently abled athletes “united by emotion”, as The Games motto states, and unified by putting their disabilities aside, gave…

atlas holding a globe

You see Atlas holding the globe in the image above and probably ask why. OK then, let me explain. TypeScript is basically “just” JavaScript with types, but in fact, it’s a very powerful superset of JS developed and maintained by Microsoft. And just like the famous Greek titan, it holds JavaScript and actually the whole frontend world on its shoulders, supporting developers in creating and maintaining large, complex projects. TypeScript is a compiler which helps analyze code and catch errors at compile time instead of runtime. …

Although modern Olympic Games derived from ancient Greek history, the first event took place in 1896 in Athens. Since then, every four years it has undergone a gradual revolution, becoming a demonstration of first sports-related hi-tech innovations in 1964 Tokyo Olympics. And yes, Japan did it again. Cementing the status of a technology world leader, it led the 2020 games drawing what’s best from branches such as robotics, consumer electronics, aeronautics and the internet of things. And the result? A true XXI century extravaganza. Just see for yourself!

The challenge’s got real

More than 11,600 athletes from 206 nations, 339 sports events in 50…

The world of today’s tech enables having a casual phone call using varied voice technologies. They allow substituting a human voice in conversations characterized by repeatable questions and answers. Thanks to iteo’s voice solution, Hellobot, user’s queries can be comprehensively processed, providing a wide range of AI-based functionalities and integrations with various systems.

A few words of introduction

Our clients can use many different functions which improve their conversation with a bot and allow them to carry out complicated scenarios compatible with a company’s business assumptions. Voicebot is a great match for a lot of diverse branches. …

After introducing Selenium, it’s time for some practical, a bit more advanced tasks. In this article, we’ll analyze our own blog for automated tests. We’ll also present exemplary tests using a Selenium WebDriver framework.

Let’s get started

We live in the times where you can order a cab by simply pressing a few buttons in an app. But there are people who still prefer to call — and every taxi business needs to give them a choice. It doesn’t really mean hiring a team of dedicated employees to pick up hundreds of phones a day. It can be solely a matter of automating the service by using the best organized phone operator — a voicebot working keenly 24/7 and simultaneously answering as many phone calls as needed.

How does it work?

Imagine that a client wants to reach you to order…

Today, people tend to judge a person or a company based on their online profiles. And these opinions are quite fragile — they can be violated if someone unauthorized gets access to our social media or other platforms used for communication with current and potential clients. This article will cover all available functions provided by Google, Facebook and LinkedIn that can help us protect our accounts and stay safe.

In a recent article, we have covered in more detail all aspects of identity protection using multi factor authentication. …

JumpCloud is a Directory as a Service solution that provides device authentication and management, user control and secure identity for all IT resources, directory integration, Single Sign On and Zero Trust implementation that limits who can access resources based on their identity, device and network trust or their location.

How do we work today?

In today’s world securing access to our devices and applications is not easy. The move to remote work as well as the use of cloud software have changed everything. Long gone are the days when we had firewall perimeters, a secure zone (internal) and a not secure zone (external — Internet)…


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