Even though modern C++ can produce very fast and efficient applications, for many years, one of its weaknesses was creation of temporary objects. C++98 standard defined a few compiler optimization techniques such as Copy Elision and Return Value Optimization which partially solved this problem but the real game-changer was the move semantics introduced in C++11.

Move semantics

To understand the move semantics first let’s look at copy semantics. In general, all classes in C++ can be copied using one of special methods:

  • Copy constructor

T t1;

  • Copy assignment operator

T t1, t2;

automating nopcommerce deployment with Terraform
automating nopcommerce deployment with Terraform

In these tough times of global pandemic, we can all experience advantages (and disadvantages) of internet shops. As we try to avoid crowds and public interiors for fear of disease, more and more of us tend to shop online — safely (and responsibly) staying at home. Many of us decide to trade the opportunity to see, touch and test the product for possibility to buy from our own couch. …

You listen to audiobooks while doing dishes, put on a podcast when you go for a run, tell Alexa to play your favorite music while taking a long, relaxing bath, or ask Siri to show you the weather forecast before going for a trip? Voice is becoming a vital part of our lives — it’s an every-day helper, lively entertainer, and a smarty-pants informer. It communicates with us through refrigerators, TVs, smartwatches — actually many different daily devices. And we can’t forget that it’s a crucial assistant in professional sports, too. Using voice-powered technologies by renowned clubs all over the…

In this short series of articles I will try to present a basic Android application that uses OpenGL and shows simple pitch with an interactive soccer ball :). The first part covered the topic of Basics and gesture handling. The second one will expand information on painting and drawing with shaders, and the third one on working with textures.

It all happened so fast that we’re still rubbing our eyes in amazement. First, twelve of Europe’s leading soccer clubs decided to establish a new competition — the European Super League — an obvious rival to the UEFA Champions League. The official reason was improving the quality and intensity of existing gameplays and creating a format for the soccer’s upper crust. And the actual one, well — money. It didn’t take long for the whole idea to collapse. The controversies it brought and the major discontent of fans around the world reaped a bitter harvest. Nevertheless, we’ve decided to use…

The roles we play in life differ depending on the time of the day. The same person listens to news in the morning, replies to emails, does a to-do list, contacts contractors, spends time with family, etc. That’s why your B2B clients should always be treated from their daily habits perspective. Let’s check what accompanies the time spent on buying your products and see how it works out together. Maybe B2B e-commerce is worth considering?

Digital people

Let’s reflect to what extent a person working at a company you are cooperating with is digitally connected. Think about smartphone users who are constantly…

digital transformation in sports
digital transformation in sports

Digitization is not only an overused buzzword but also a turbine that keeps the corporate world running. It changes our behaviour, affects existing business processes, enables new, innovative management opportunities, and brings a customer closer to the center of attention. It all applies to the modern sports industry, too. A well adjusted technology can reduce the gap between a spectator and a game, and provide players, both professional and amateour, with a motivational boost. However, the revolution doesn’t just happen by itself. Let’s get the ball rolling and check how to make sports both digital and unmatched.

Sports & technologies — getting off to a flying start

The potential is…

“Let’s go solving”

google cloud in poland
google cloud in poland

Google Cloud infrastructure consists of 24 regions with multiple zones. Today, Google officially opens its first region in Central and Eastern Europe and it’s seventh in Europe. It is the first major cloud provider to locate its region in Poland. The cloud region consists of three access zones, each of which has an independent technical and software infrastructure, enabling undisturbed operation of cloud services.

How it all started?

It all started in 2019 when Google partnered with Domestic Cloud Provider founded by the state owned bank PKO BP and the Polish Development Fund. …

If you have your SEO campaign done right, you probably love all of the miraculous results it brings. Your traffic mounts up, people who visit your store are actually interested in what you’re selling, and the magic of the highest positions in organic searches works to your advantage. But the idyll can’t last forever. There’s a sneaky meddler ready to interfere with this arcadian picture — a reckless e-commerce platform migration. However, as scary as it may sound, it shouldn’t make your blood run cold. There’s a quick and painless remedy to save your SEO from annihilation. …

“I want to be a billionaire”

cloud services for startups
cloud services for startups

In this multi part series I will write about what cloud providers offer to developers who have great ideas, limited or no funding and want to utilize the cloud to start a successful company providing world class services worldwide.

I want to be a billionaire

So, you woke up on a sunny Sunday morning and decided to become a billionaire. This is as good of an idea as any other. When you think about it, it actually makes sense, since giving yourself a great goal is not such a bad thing at all. Now that you’ve set your goal, how can you accomplish it? …


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