Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. It’s clear, simple and intuitive, having a lot of usable extensions ready to facilitate a tester’s job and make it more efficient. Added plugins don’t disrupt the browser’s minimalistic view and their installment is extremely easy and quick.

The list of 10 useful plugins presents some exemplary Chrome extensions worth having in your browser. …

It’s 1994. The famous brown couch stands in the heart of the Central Perk coffee house occupied by a bunch of friends. They drink their usual huge-cups lattes, share their lovelife failures, laugh, and chatter their problems away. But wait. The image gets blurry, it disappears for a bit, and the scene changes. There’s still a couch, there’s still a group of people, and they’re still drinking coffee, yet they’re all suspiciously quiet. And what’s that in their hands? OH-MY-GOD, it’s a smartphone. Welcome to the 2021 edition of Friends! Could it BE any weirder?

More and more companies realize that moving to the cloud will give them tangible benefits. But some of the advantages might be important to one company while being completely irrelevant to others. It is very essential to note that moving to the cloud is a process. You can’t just decide one day and say “let’s do it” — although I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the companies just did that — and failed.

Cloud computing adoption lifecycle

To better understand what steps are involved when moving to the cloud, it is important to understand the most common cloud computing adoption lifecycle. …

This article’s goal is introducing the Selenium tool, its pros and functionalities, and showing how easy it is to create your first test using the C# language. Selenium is one of the most recognizable open-source tools. It has an expanded set of advanced test automation functionalities for web applications, and thanks to its universal architecture it enables creating scripts in languages such as: C#, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python or Javascript.

When do we use Selenium?

Selenium comes in handy especially while working with large and complex projects in which regression tests turn out to be extremely time consuming and require engaging many people.

Speaking about…

Ghost kitchen, also known as virtual, shadow, dark, or cloud, is a relatively new invention that emerged in the past two years and peaked in the times of pandemic. Although a kitchen run by ghosts seems like a great concept drawn straight from a Harry Potter book, the idea is slightly different. The name refers to delivery-only restaurants becoming a reasonable and preferred alternative to regular on-site places. What’s interesting, this XXI century revolution is estimated to evolve into a $1 trillion business by 2030! So, is it worth going for broke and investing everything you have in a virtual…

One can say that a tester’s job is verifying if a code, an application or a system is working correctly and according to established requirements. With this kind of verification, a user can trust a product’s quality and be sure that the number of potential errors is minimized. We can distinguish a few most common testing methods including white- and black-box testing. And today we’ll focus on the latter. What’s black-box testing? What’s behind this mysterious name? When should you use this method? What are its advantages? Read till the end and find out!

Black-box testing — a thorough definition

Black-box testing involves techniques for testing…

“Touch me, look at me, talk to me”

multi factor authentification
multi factor authentification

It is very important to protect our accounts and data. Not so long ago a simple username and password were sufficient. But they’re not anymore. To effectively protect our identity, we must start using multi factor authentication. In this article I’d like to introduce key security concepts, authentication methods and different types of authentication factors.

CIA Triad

When we think about security we should think about preventing IT losses. There are three main areas, known as a CIA Triad, the security can be compromised — Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

  • Confidentiality — only authorized objects…

To start with — there are two ways you (as a company/service) can be digital. You can start as digital — your core service is digital so your product is delivered to end users via web or mobile. You also can go digital — you already have a service in the offline world and now you want to expand. Whatever your path is, there are so little services that can exist only in digital or only in analog. Companies that started digital at some point face the need of real people on board — whether it is for customer service…

common recruitment questions for software developers
common recruitment questions for software developers

Preparing for a job interview, you most likely wonder what questions your potential employers may ask. If you only knew them earlier, you’d probably come out better and enhance your chances of getting hired. So, to make it at least a bit easier — especially if you’re planning to become a software tester — here are some of the exemplary questions you may come across during your recruitment process. Heads up — they don’t often relate to pure testing theory itself. Check the following tips and don’t get taken by surprise.

1. How to distinguish the desired behaviour of the app from an error?

While working with simple applications, we’re usually able to…

Protecting our company’s most important asset — data, has become increasingly harder. Companies spend enormous amounts of money on data protection, but still lose billions of dollars to data breaches every year. Why is that happening? The simple answer is — because they don’t allocate the right amount of resources in the right areas. Many companies believe that a firewall and an antivirus will protect them from any threat. They couldn’t be more wrong. …


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