5 main challenges in digitizing logistics

digital transformation in logistics

1. Reaching excellence in customer experience

Business to business

Business to customer

  • Tracking the package
  • Order status information
  • Self-shipping
  • Precise delivery date

2. Maintaining transparency of processes, rates and service

3. Creating an operational culture within company

  • Openness and, once again, transparency — available and accessible information, no hidden agendas, and trust.
  • Ability to cooperate — effective collaboration among multidisciplinary teams to make the most of the digital tools.
  • Creating a solid community — sharing experiences, documents, discoveries, perspectives, and plans.
  • Mutual acknowledgement — appreciating one another and basing the organizational structure on merit, not power.
  • Processes automation and digitization — involving an agile manner of sharing documents and information, warehouse management, administrative support, shipping, and distribution.
  • Documents protection — securing information as well as ensuring their integrity and confidentiality.

4. Managing warehouse and fleet

5. Keeping it all safe and sound



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